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Natasha Romanoff.

Code name: Black Widow.
Current agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and member of the Avengers.
Contrary to popular belief, her bite is much worse than her bark.

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pill to make you numb by ~Herm-Mudblood


pill to make you numb by ~Herm-Mudblood


With all the blood I lost with you

It drowns the love I thought I knew…

18/50 » Chris Hemsworth [♥]

18/50 » Chris Hemsworth []

The Avengers Things - Natasha’s Hair Flips w/ bonus Loki Hair Flip


Loki considered her words once more, understand exactly what she meant. Was humanity something he even wanted to possess? The Trickster had seen the way Midgardians worked, watched them over time. Many were not entirely pleasant and the crimes most committed, though nothing compared to some races, could still be somewhat surprising to one who had only heard praise of this seemingly inferior realm. Emerald gaze fell across her form once more, a subtle look and Loki was unable to shake the feeling that something was amiss but what, he did not know. Loki didn’t expect to be told. If there were something wrong, Natasha would hide it. Instead, a quiet hum escaped him before his tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth. “It would seem that not everyone is capableof learning this….trait.”

The redhead could feel his eyes upon her, wandering from her face and searching her body, but she held her ground. Swaying or adjusting again might give him proof of whatever suspicions were already churning in his head — not that she had even done much to give away her condition. “I wouldn’t disagree,” Natasha replied honestly, “Many would argue that it’s a rare trait to find in this organization. Myself included.” Her voice remained even as she spoke, though fingers dug gently into the sleeve of her suit as she felt the droplets of blood begin snaking down her spine. Apparently her bandages already needed to be changed. 


Or perhaps you have simply become better at reading me.

[So much had changed since he had that second time in SHIELD, caged, waiting for a release he was sure would never come. This wasn’t Loki deceiving the assassin, this wasn’t him pretending to give her information she wanted in hopes of gaining something himself. Time had passed, things had happened that no one would have expected. Loki showed things that were genuine at times, a surprise even to himself.]

Of course you would. 

[He chuckled breathlessly, unsurprised by her comment, at her actions, a slight tilting of his head to grant her further access as lips brushed across his skin, followed by the occasional grazing of teeth. Buttons began coming undone and Loki almost moved to stop her, finding no need when Natasha did so herself, sitting up once more to look at him. She spoke once more and his brow furrowed as the Trickster thought it over. Though he may not have agreed with her, there were some points he certainly understood, not that he planned on voicing such a confession. Even if he had, such an option was taken anyway when her lips were on his once more, gentle yet firm, warm and alive as Loki ran his fingers through her hair, arm tighter around her waist as he pulled her impossibly closer.]

( One set of fingers moved slowly across his cheek, feeling the faint chill that still lingered upon his skin while the other pressed flat against the exposed portion of his chest. Her mouth worked slowly against his own, adding more pressure as she deepened the kiss. The feel of his fingers through her hair and then the sudden pull towards his body sent a shiver down her spine. She shifted her hips simply to adjust to the new position, but the added friction and jolt of heat was a welcomed bonus. )

In short, being a FrostGiant doesn’t make you a monster. Killing eighty people in two days while simultaneously trying to conquer the Earth does.  

A soft, quick laughter slipped passed her lips before she pressed another kiss against his mouth and then another. )

But you are my monster now.